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Guide to Second Life

After joining he world of Second Life, I feel that this is the "next best thing".  Due to the user creation it's going to grow exponentially.  I decided to write a guide as a learn more about the space and community.

This page will expand as a get more in tuned with the world that is Second Life.

Check it out for yourself:

Second Life

Check back here later.  I will try to expand this Guide as time goes on.

I plan on adding these subjects. 
(Email me if there is anything you would like to see.)

bulletA bunch of tutorials tips tricks
bulletIs there worm code?
bulletCan I get it on CD-Rom
bulletHow do I buy Lindens?
bulletAre there Cheats?
bulletBuilding instructions
bulletWill Illegal currency be a problem
bulletwhat are the best video cards
bulletMaking clothes
bulletACORN Group
bulletA beginners guide
bulletWill stock be offered
bulletMaking money in SL real estate
bulletAre there promotion codes?
bullethow to run second life in ubuntu linux
bulletA good fire script or smoke script
bulletwhat does the aclu think?
bulletHow do I make a file
bulletclothes tuts




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