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File Sharing (Napster & Kazza Alternatives)


File Sharing has become very popular since the advent of MP3s and Napster. Because Napster got in trouble, other programs will have to be used. I have listed some below. Please forgive me if some of the services get shut down before I can update or remove them. Another positive about file sharing programs is that you are no longer limited to downloading MP3s. You can now download videos, songs, pictures, software, and more.  If you run across any links that don't work, please send me an email if you have the time. Thanks!!! Have fun downloading!!!
Don't forget to share!! 

RatDVD the new way to Share and Send DVDs online with menus 

Check back every once and a while to get the newest updates.


eMule Shareaza eDonkey
BitTorrent Ares SoulSeek
Freenet Overnet WinMX
Xolox LimeWire GLTPoliane
Blubster iMesh Mammoth
Gnucleus ShareMonkey BearShare
BCDC++ Direct Connect DC++
Grokster Piolet Nova

For you computer geeks that what more amenity and security try Usenet or IRC.

If you are on an ISP that frowns upon filesharing via the above programs, you should try Newsgroups (Usenet) or IRC.  If your worried about getting sued for one thing or another this is the best way to go.  Nothing is 100% safe, but this is the next best thing.  Using Usenet or IRC can be tricky at first.  There is some setup involved and you have to know the ins and outs of both systems.  When I get some time I'll post some instruction manuals on how to use both Newsgroups and IRC.



What is eMule? eMule is a new file sharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offers more features than the standard eDonkey client, because it's open source but under the restrictions of the GPL License. What does eMule mean? The name "eMule" comes from an animal called "Mule" which is somehow similar to a donkey ;)


eDonkey 2000

eDonkey 2000 is a multi platform filesharing tool with it's own network. It can find any type of file, resume downloads, get one file from different sources simultaneous and has many more advanced features.  The newest version of eDonkey2000 connects to both the eDonkey2000 and OverNet networks. Both of these networks use the same protocols to share files. The biggest difference between the two is OverNet is serverless, while eDonkey2000 is server-based.



Shareaza has features that are unheard of in other file-sharing applications, from ghost ratings to a completely user-configurable queue area to multi-network support.

The cool thing we like about this program is you can search over multiple networks including Gnutella2, eDonkey, and BitTorrent.

Shareaza originally started out as an Gnutella client, but recently branched out and developed Gnutella2, a completely open and documented network.  Shareaza's interface is easy-to-use yet powerful, and fully skinnable.

Shareaza's download core was purpose-built to provide optimum performance from any number of sources. Shareaza can manage your download queue automatically, or you can take charge and modify the status of files or even individual physical transfers and sources.



In Layman's terms,

1.  When someone wants to share something with BitTorrent they turn that file or group of files into a .torrent file.

2.  Then that person posts a link to that file somewhere on the internet.

2.  Then anyone with a BitTorrent Client can download it.  A BitTorrent Client is any program that can download .torrent files.  I listed some here:

BitTorrent Clients

Azureus Bit Spirit BT++
Burst! Experimental Client Shareaza
The Hunting of the Snark Project TorrentStorm ABC [Yet Another Bittorent Client]

3.  The more people download a .torrent file the faster it goes.  It uses a spidering effect.  If the file is real popular it     could go super fast!!

4.  The Hardest part is So you must first go and find a .torrent file somewhere on the internet.  There are torrent links on various websites.  I listed some of the more popular ones below.  You have to register at some of the sites.

Torrent Link Sites - An awesome site with plenty of new .torrents being added every day.
Section31's Torrent Links - Another good site that posts all of their .torrents to a forum style board. - Another forum style distribution site. - An excellent alternative to Suprnova. No signup. - vo-rac'i-ty: n. an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit.
Sharelive - Excellent site, requires registration to use.

Official BitTorrent




What is a seed?
A seed is a client on the BT network that has a complete copy of a particular archive. For any archive to work, there must be at least one seed to download from. It is HIGHLY recommended that once you have gotten an archive you leave the BT client running for at least the amount of time that it took you to download the archive to help ensure that others will also be able to get it. Share and Share alike!

Direct download links:

Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3 English - klitekpp243e.exe


Having codec problems?  Can you not view that video you just downloaded?  Or is it jumpy?  Get all of the newest and most popular codecs in one shot. Very, Very Handy!!!

K-Lite Codec Pack 2.41 Full
Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror3
klcodec241f.exe klcodec241f.exe klcodec241f.exe


K-Lite Codec Pack 2.41 Standard ( smaller file size)
Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror3
klcodec241s.exe klcodec241s.exe klcodec241s.exe


K-Lite Codec Pack 2.41 Basic ( smallest file size)
Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror3
klcodec241b.exe klcodec241b.exe klcodec241b.exe






AdAware - Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely. It is updated frequently. If you are new to Ad-aware, we recommend you read the getting started tutorial.

To keep your Ad-aware reference file up to date, download the RefUpdate Add-on. It checks if an updated reference file is available, downloads and installs it. Refupdate can be executed from a task scheduler using command line parameters.


How File Sharing Works

Here is a good article on the CD Price fixing scandal at PCMag called:  One Buck Forty or Die



Remember downloading copyrighted materials is illegal. takes no responsibly what you do with these programs.  We are just providing information.

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