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Cool Things to Do in a College Dorm Shower Stall
The Dirty List - warning this is dirty
Beer Warning Labels
Stock Market Alternative
101 Things Not to Say During Sex
30 Things to do in an exam
41 more things to do in a exam
250 Ways to be annoying
Answering Machine Greetings
The Ant and the Grasshopper
A Teenager Is...
The Bear Facts
Beer Troubleshooting
50 Ways to Get Rid of A Blind Date
A Sure Winner (blonde joke)
Blonde and the Sod
More Blonde Jokes
Top 10 signs that your son has grown too old for breast feeding
Sayings that should be on buttons
Making Cakes
Captain Bravo
A Protestant moved into a completely Catholic community
Cheers - The Buffalo Theory
Cheese Sandwich
Child of the 80's
Children's books you'll never see
Amazing How Similar Chinese And English Are
50 Things for Non-Christians to do in Church
How to Write a Paper (the college way)
You know you have been in college too long when..
50 Things to do at the Computer Lab
Condom Packaging
The Cop and The Kid
Letter to Dad from college
Disney for Adults
25 Ways to Drive Your Roommate Crazy
Rejected Dr. Seuss Books
Electric Train
Farting Old Lady
The Fart List
A boy and his fire truck
The Five Stages Of Drunkenness
Frog from the Pet Store
God on Oral Sex
Golf and a Priest
Four married guys go golfing
26 Signs That You've Grown Up
Hallmark Rejects
Homer lists of MMM's
The Language of College
Latex Factory
What I've learned from porn
Change one letter and see what happens
Little Johnny and the Bicycle
69 Ways to Mess With Your Kids
Things not to say to a Cop
Pickup Lines
100 Funny Ways to Order a Pizza
10 Things Not to say when you are pulled over
100 Reasons to be a Man
Top 100 Reasons to be a Woman
Rodney Dangerfield's Best One-Liners
Son of a Bitch
One of those "Special-Occasion" Cards
Stephen Wright jokes
How many students does it take to change a light bulb at...
Ways to Say Someone is Stupid
This is thinking quick!!
20 Ways to Confuse Trick-or-Treaters
Try This
Things not to say in Victoria Secret
34 Things I've Learned From Watching Video Games
69 Fun things to do at Walmart
Fun things to do at a Wedding


Rated R PG-13
General Cute/ Rated G
Animals Computers
Political September 11/America/Bin Laden


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